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Spirited Away
"These two girls are best friends.
But behind their smiles, are dark secret thoughts."

"They" are attracted by the unseen darkness...

But the most dangerous may simply be a woman's emotions.
Middle of the Picture
"There's an urban legend that says:
People who stand in the middle of pictures die young.
Most of the time, it's the head of the group who stands there."

In other words, there's as much hate as there is attention...
To love and to cherish, til death do us part.
A wife who supports all her husband's needs.

A wife who hammers nails through voodoo dolls in the dead of the night...

Wouldn't you die to have a wife like that?
An Uninvited Guest
"A boring midnight drive. A lady gasping for help.
Two guys end up letting her into their car.
She doesn't say much, but there's something strange..."

Listen people. Don't pick up strangers during a midnight run.
Everyone has nightmares once in a while.
But what if one day, they were to come true...

You might say: "No way. It's only a dream."

But are you still really sure about that?
Ouija Board
Is this marriage really the right thing to do?
A couple decides to find out by asking the spirits with a Ouija Board.

The answer they receive is a terrifying truth...
Chain Mail
One day you receive a chain mail to your cellphone from a friend. It is a message from a murdered woman in search of the killer.

What would you do if this happenned to you?
A normal office worker named Takagi can't get his mind off of his son, Satoru, who had disappeared a few years ago.

One day while he is surfing the net, he finds an urban legend that has to do with a boy named Satoru. He had his doubts, but desperate for an answer, Takagi picks up the phone...