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<What is Hayarigami?>

[Hayarigami] is a PlayStation2 Horror Adventure game released in the summer of 2004.

Bloody Mary, alligators in the sewer, vanishing hitchhikers, strange chain mails...
The player's role is to solve the mysteries behind these urban legends as a cop.
This is Hayarigami.
Depending on your educated guesses, you can reach many conclusions scientifically or 'spiritually' in the [Multi Scenario] system.
The [Database] allowed you to collect 200 technical bits of knowledge. The unique [Self-Questioning] and [Logical Reasoning] systems allowed the player to support his own theory in this highly appraised game.
We have decided to begin releasing movies in order to allow more people to enjoy the world of Hayarigami, with the sequel already in development.

The producers of these videos are [Shiro Gumi], who have been awarded in 12 division of the Japan Academy Awards for the movie [ALWAYS ~Sunset on Third Street~] and are also known for their in-game movies and commericials. Please look forward to it.
[iTunes] & [PSP] compatible Legend 8 [Spirited Away][Update:2008.1.18]
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